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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Ansoff Matrix Video Case Study for IB Business Management


Ansoff Matrix Video Case Study for IB Business Management

Ansoff matrix video case study
Mr Mark owns a medium-sized ‘Connect   Fast’,  mobile handphones retail shop which sells    Sleek brand handphones. Currently, his monthly sales revenue is  around $ 1,500. Mark has two employees who assist him  in product display,   inventory management,  product demonstration,  and billing in the shop.

The demand for handphones is growing very fast. To take the advantage of this fast-growing digital word, many new retails shops are also opening. This may affect    the future sale revenue of Connect Fast mobile retail shop. Mark has met a business consultant to discuss growth strategies.  The business consultant shortlisted the following strategies.

1.     Open a new retail shop, in the busy central business district, to take the advantage of growing digital world.

2.     Introduce  exchange offers, and EMI schemes, for existing customers.

3.     Sign up for the dealership of other popular brands of mobile phones.

4.     Sell mobile phones, and accessories online through popular eCommerce portals like, Click Kart, and Mobile Zone.

5.     Launch own new eCommerce website, along with physical shop ‘Connect Fast’. and,

6.     Sell  other electronics items like tablets, laptops, cameras, etc.

 The exact business strategy depends on further market research and analysis.


Students, in a group, discuss the above-mentioned business strategies using Ansoff Matrix.


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The Cambridge Learner Attributes


The Cambridge Learner Attributes

Cambridge learner attributes

Education has a vital role in everyone’s life. Without proper and adequate education, the person cannot develop the necessary skills required. Many people consider schooling is a  waste of time, but in reality, schools are worth it. Education is something that helps to achieve knowledge, values, and skills.

Depending on the school, learner attributes will vary a bit. In this post, we will talk about the Cambridge learner attributes. Cambridge Assessment International Education the world’s largest provider of international education programs & qualifications for 5 to 19-year-olds.  In this video, we are talking about five  Cambridge learner attributes:

1. Confident

The first and essential Cambridge learner attribute is confidence. This learner attribute says that students are confident in working with information and ideas. The students are confident in their ideas as well as the ideas of others. They are also able to communicate & defend opinions and also respect the opinions of others. Talking about Cambridge teachers, they are very well aware of their subjects and know how to teach. They are also focused on encouraging students to engage in learning actively.

2. Responsible

Responsibility is another essential learner attribute of Cambridge international education. This attribute ensures that students are responsive to and respectful of others. Cambridge students take ownership of their learning and also become collaborative & supportive. The students know that their actions will have an impact on others as well as on the environment. Talking about Cambridge teachers, they understand that their positive actions will help shape future generations.

3. Reflective

Cambridge students understand themselves as learners. They know that quality learning will help them build life skills and help them shape their career. Cambridge students develop the strategies to be life-long learners. Talking about teachers, they also consider themselves as learners. They keep working on building their knowledge and skills. When teachers are concerned about gaining more and more knowledge, it helps students get quality learning.

4. Innovative

Innovativeness is another learner attribute of the Cambridge. The students at Cambridge are equipped for new challenges. They use a creative and innovative approach to solve new and unfamiliar problems. Apart from this, students are also adaptable to different circumstances. Talking about teachers, they are also creative and innovative. They come up with new ideas and experiment with them in their teaching. Teachers are always ready to apply new skills and techniques in teaching. In Cambridge Mathematics, this learner attribute is about solving familiar and unfamiliar problems using a range of mathematical techniques.

5. Engaged

Cambridge learners are engaged intellectually and socially. This learner attributes states that Cambridge learners are always eager to learn new skills and work on new ideas. In Cambridge Mathematics, this attribute includes structure, patterns, and applications of mathematics to real-life situations. Talking about teachers, they are engaged intellectually, socially as well as professionally.

These are the five Cambridge learner attributes. Cambridge Assessment International Education is focused on making students confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged.



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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Accounts and Finance Work Sheet: Singh Tech


Accounts and Finance Work Sheet: Singh Tech ( ST)

Business Management worksheet

Topic/s covered: Break-even Analysis

·       Meaning

·       Calculation of BEP

·       Calculation of margin of safety (MOS)

·       Break-even chart

Sing Tech (ST), a private limited company that manufactures 'Design and Gaming' compatible desktop computers and is based in Singapore. It is owned by Ms. Sim who worked as a data management senior executive at Sing Compu Tech (SCT). Though their target market is industrial designers and game developers, customized computers are delivered to individual customers.

ST uses   private distribution agency to deliver orders. During the year 2019- 2020, ST delivered 2500 computers. However, individual customer orders are delivered by the company itself.

The following information is available:

·       Sales price $ 1,200 per computer

·       Variable cost $ 800 per computer

·       Annual fixed cost $ 400,000


a)      With reference to Sing Tech, explain the term fixed cost

[2 marks]

b)      For Sing Tech:

[2 marks]

        i.            Calculate the break-even quantity in units.

[2 marks]

       ii.            Calculate the margin of safety in units.

[2 marks]

     iii.            Calculate the net profit if 2500 computers are sold.

[2 marks]

     iv.            Construct a fully labeled break-even chart.

[5 marks]


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Work Sheet: Get Connected (GC)


Work Sheet: Get Connected (GC)

Business Management worksheet

Topic/s covered: Capital expenditure and revenue expenditure

·       Meaning

·       Examples

·       Differences


 Get Connected (GC) manufactures smartphones and other audio related electronics gadgets.  GC also supplies electronics goods components to some of the local unbranded manufacturers. The company targets college students and fresh graduates. Get Connected is known for premium products with high-quality customer services.

Currently, GC has two manufacturing units where more than 200 people are employed at various levels, and one assembly unit where   the final products are assembled using high-tech assembly machines and robots. Some of their components of smartphones are outsourced to quality and reliable suppliers.

GC also rented a high-tech warehouse near the airport for easy transportation of their final products and components.  The finance manager reported that GC’s revenue expenditure is increasing steadily.


a)      Define the term ‘capital expenditure.

[2 marks]

b)      Define the term ‘revenue expenditure.

[2 marks]

c)      With reference to GC, identify   4 examples of revenue expenditure and four examples of capital expenditure.

[4 marks]

d)  Explain two differences between capital expenditure and revenue expenditure.

[4 marks


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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Case Study: Medi Store

 Case study Medi Store 

Decision tree diagram case study

Mr. Novid owns a  medium-sized   Medi Store(MS) in Mumbai, India. The store is known for its excellent service round the clock, home delivery of medicines, and a huge stock of all essential medicines.

Mr. Novid has a very good relationship with medicines suppliers and hence, the stock is replenished well in advance to avoid the client’s dissatisfaction. Novid has an annual contract with some local private hospitals. Though the profit margin is less, this contract gives him good cash flow.

The store has been very profitable for the past 3 years. Novid is thinking of expanding the store’s activities.

Novid is considering the following options. The estimated cost of each individual option and expected  profit ( loss) for each option  are given below:


Cost ($)

Probability of Low revenue, medium revenue, and high revenue and expected revenue.

Low revenue

30 %

Medium revenue

40 %

High revenue

30 %

Option 1: Expansion of the current store.

$ 2 m

$ 3m

$ 5m

$ 8m

Option 2: Open a new store in other part of Mumbai.

$5 m

$ 3.5m

$ 6 m

$ 11m

Option 3: Acquire Medi Plus (a small store).

$ 8m

$ 4m

$ 6m

$ 10m

Option 4:  Enter into a joint venture with Alfa Medicals to supply medicines to some private hospitals in Bangalore, and Chennai.

$ 2m


$ 8m

12 m


a)      With reference to Medi Store, explain the term ‘external growth’.


b)      Construct a decision tree and calculate the predicted outcome for each expansion option of Mr Novid. (show all your workings)


[8 marks]

c)      Based on your calculation (Question b), briefly comment on the most financially profitable option for Novid.


[2 marks]

d)      Identify and explain two advantages and two disadvantages of option 4 (Joint venture)


[8 marks]


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

5 Best Books That Every Teacher Should Read


5 Best Books That Every Teacher Should Read


Books to read

As a teacher, learning should never stop for you. For any teacher, the essential things are classroom management and increasing student engagement. If you are a teacher, you might be having difficulty managing the classroom.

 Even experienced teachers face difficulties when it comes to classroom management and improving students’ behavior. In this post, we have talked about the five best books that every teacher should read. Here’s the list:

1. Why Don’t Students Like School?

“Why Don’t Students Like School?: A Cognitive Scientist Answer Questions About How Mind Works & What It Means For Your Classroom” is the book written by Daniel T. Willingham. As a teacher, one of the most challenging tasks is ensuring that students focus on their studies. Daniel Willingham is a psychologist at the University of Virginia. There is a professor in the Department of psychology. In this book, Daniel has explained how you can teach the required skills to your students and how you can improve your teaching style.

2. I Wish My Teacher Knew

“I Wish My Teacher Knew: How One Question Can Change Everything For Our Kids” is a book by Kyle Schwartz. Kyle is a third-grade teacher in Denver Co. One day the author asked her students to fill in the blank in the sentence ‘I wish my teacher knew______.’ Answers from some students were humorous, while some answers were heart-breaking. With this book, the author wants to explain what educators need to understand.

3. The Hidden Lives of Learners

“The Hidden Lives of Learners” is the book by Graham Nuthall. Professor Emeritus Graham Nuthall is an educational researcher from New Zealand who is credited with one of the longest series of studies of teaching and learning in the classroom that has ever been carried out. In his book, Graham explains three worlds that together shape a student’s learning - the public world of the teacher, the highly influential world of peers, and the student’s own private world.

4. Teaching What Matters Most

“Teaching What Matters Most: Standards & Strategies For Raising Student Achievement” is a book by Richard W. Strong, Harvey F. Silver, and Matthew J. Perini. In this short book, authors have elaborated four standards to prioritize in the classroom - Rigor, Thought, Diversity, and Authenticity. The book explains each standard and also explains how to measure whether each standard works or does not work in the class.

5. What Are People For?

“What Are People For?: Essays” is a book by Wendell Berry. Wendell is a poet, essayist, farmer, and novelist from New Castle, Kentucky. He is the author of more than thirty books of poetry, essays, and novels. This isn’t a teaching book; it is a human book. The book explains what does it mean to be human. As a teacher, this book can also add value to your life.


These are the five best books every teacher should read. Each of these books explains different lessons for teachers and students. Reading these books can change your perspective on teaching and education.

Monday, January 11, 2021

5 Best Ways To Use Technology in Classrooms To Enhance Teaching-Learning Experience

 5 Best Ways To Use Technology in Classrooms To Enhance Teaching-Learning Experience

How to use technology in classroom

 With technology getting more and more advanced, different sectors have started leveraging advanced technology. One such sector is education. If you are a teacher who is still using the same, traditional methods for teaching, your students may not learn with enthusiasm.

 There are different ways you can use technology in the classroom for enhancing the teaching and learning experience. Here are they:

Gamified learning

One of the best things you can do to make the learning process easier is provide gamified learning experience. Gaming is something that adds fun and excitement. Gamification for learning is the approach used by many teachers to motivate their students to learn by using video game design and game elements. 80% of learners claimed learning would be more productive if it were more game-oriented and 67% of students reported that a gamified course was more motivating than a traditional course.

Integrate social media

We all know that students spend a lot of time on different social media platforms. It is because they really enjoy spending time on those social media platforms. In this situation, integrating social media with studies can help you enhance the teaching experience and learning experience for students. Social media is one of the great ways to connect your students in the curriculum and classroom resources. The best example of integrating social media with education is the Facebook group. Add your students in the Facebook group and they will start discussion on education topics.

Creating digital content

Depending on what topics you are teaching, you can ask your students to create digital content on that topic. There are different content formats. Your students can express themselves through blogs, videos, podcasts, eBooks, flyers, etc. Creating digital content is the best way to know the effectiveness of your teaching. You can assign a separate project on creating digital content. Make sure to provide options for using different content formats. This way, your students would be able to express themselves in the best manner.

Classroom calendar

Another effective method of utilizing technology in the classroom is by using a classroom calendar. The best platform for online calendars is Google Calendar. Using this platform, you can develop a shared online calendar for your classroom. In the online calendar, you can post important updates, assignments, due dates, and classroom events. With an online classroom calendar, you do not have to worry about providing information like important updates, event updates, due dates, assignments, etc. individually. Apart from this, the online calendar can be shared with parents as well.

Video/Multimedia lessons

If you still teach your students with traditional methods, you are missing out on so much. Video or multimedia lessons are another great way of leveraging technology in classrooms. Online video lessons will not require you and your students to be present at one place. You can conduct classes from your home and your students can learn from their home.

 These are five best ways to use technology in improving the teaching and learning experience. The above-given methods would make learning exciting for your students.

5 Best Ways To Give Feedback on Students Performance

 5 Best Ways To Give Feedback on Students Performance


How to give feedback to students

When it comes to teaching, feedback plays a significant role. The feedback can improve your students’ confidence, self-awareness, and enthusiasm. Effective feedback gives students an idea about what topic being studied and guidance on how to improve their learning.

 As a teacher, make sure you provide the proper feedback to your students. This will give them an idea about what they have done nicely and where they require improvements. Here are the best ways to give feedback on students performance:

1. Use proactive language

When it comes to giving feedback on students' performance, the first important thing to keep in mind is using proactive language. The mistake that many teachers make is they use reactive language and not proactive language. Your language needs to be constructive and encouraging. Here we are not asking you to ignore mistakes made by your students. It’s all about what language you use when giving feedback.

2. Clarify what good performance

Your students should have a clear idea about what actually good performance is. It will be very confusing when your students aren’t clear about your expectations. Double marking and moderation are the ways you can use to clarify about what you are expecting. Depending on the type of work, you can give examples of assessed work to your students. This way, they will have better clarity about ideal performance.

3. Make feedback part of learning

Not all the students will react to feedback the same way. To get the best results, it is vital that you make feedback a part of learning. You don’t want to make students feel that whatever work they have done is wrong. Instead, you need to make them feel that whatever feedback they are getting is just a part of learning. Your students will quickly identify written or oral feedback than discussion in class, laboratories.

4. Encourage self and peer review

When you provide feedback to each student manually, it can be time-consuming. This is when the importance of self-review and peer review comes into play. Encouraging self & peer review won’t just save your time; it will also develop your students’ capacity to evaluate their own work and the work of others. This process will give your students an understanding of what they have done good and what they haven’t.

5. Use visuals

Using visuals in the feedback can also enhance effectiveness. Rather than text feedback, visual feedback can give a better understanding to your students. Some students might have difficulty understanding your feedback. In this situation, using visuals like diagrams, images, sketches, etc., can provide the best results. If you are teaching online, you can consider images, infographics, videos, etc. Digital tools like Canva and Adobe Spark can be used for creating visual feedback.


Here we have seen the five best ways you can give feedback on your students’ performance. Feedback plays a crucial role in performance improvement. Using the right strategy for giving feedback can save you a lot of time and increase performance.

5 Best Presentation Techniques To Hold Students’ Attention

 5 Best Presentation Techniques To Hold Students’ Attention


How to hold students' attention

 As a teacher, one of the crucial tasks is holding students’ attention. When your presentations are lecture-centric, you will have difficulty getting attention from your students. Failing to hold students’ attention means your students aren’t learning correctly from you.

 Don’t worry; there are various techniques you can use to make your presentations interactive and gain students’ interest. Here are the five best techniques:

1. Storytelling

One of the best presentation techniques you can utilize is storytelling. According to a study by Etho3, storytelling has been known to increase audience retention by up to 26%. You will note a huge difference when you explain any concept theoretically or through storytelling. The best thing about storytelling is it will help your students relate to the subject matter. You can discuss the main concepts and then ask students to come up with a personal example. When any person relates to a particular subject matter, explaining the concept gets easier.

2. Add some humor

Adding humor when giving a presentation is another excellent method to hold students’ attention. As a teacher, humor can be an excellent tool for connecting with your students and energize them. Rather than simply explaining the topic to your students, adding some humor can help your students remember what you have explained. Apart from this, it will also build a good impression as a teacher.

3. Polls, surveys, and quizzes

Another fantastic way to make your presentations interactive and hold your students’ attention is by using polls, surveys, and quizzes. Depending on the topic you are teaching, you can use polls, surveys, or quizzes. Among these three, the quiz is an excellent way to test a student’s knowledge quickly. If you teach your students online, you need to use the right software for polls, surveys, and quizzes. One such classroom management software is Google Classroom.

4. Games

When giving a presentation, make sure it doesn’t seem boring. This strategy won’t let your presentation get boring. You can energize the mood of your students with some games. Adding some games to your presentation can make the session interactive and fun. This presentation technique will turn passive listeners into active participants. You can play games like Pictionary, Jeopardy, Casino, and Bingo. If you are teaching online, you can take digital games like Kahoot and ClassCraft.

5. Surprise your students

You can surprise your students by making some bold statements when giving the presentation. During the presentation, you can tell surprising facts and shocking stats. Bold statements, stats, and facts will make your students know more about what you are talking about. With this strategy, your passive listener students would also be curious to know more about the stats and facts you have said. To compile all the information & data correctly and make it visual, you can create an infographic.

 These are the five best presentation strategies you can leverage for making your presentations interactive and engaging. The secret of holding students’ attention is by bringing interactive components in the presentation.

5 Best Ways To Motivate High School Students For Better Performance

 5 Best Ways To Motivate High School Students For Better Performance


How to motivate highschool students

Students are the future. Providing them with the best education and focusing on their overall performance is very important. But the problem is education and studies don’t motivate them.

 Students will not focus on learning and working hard on their performance if they are not motivated enough. Here are the five best ways to motivate high school students for better performance:

1. Be clear about learning objectives

As a teacher, you have assigned any project or assignment to your students. The important thing here is being clear about learning objectives. This is important for keeping them motivated. Without having clarity about learning objectives, your students will complete the given project or assignment just for the sake. At the start of the year, you need to lay out clear objectives and expectations so that your students will have no confusion about why they need to complete the particular assignment or project.

2. Offer rewards

Another excellent motivation source for high school students is rewarding. This strategy is also used by company owners for boosting the morale of their employees. Every person likes getting rewarded. Using this strategy, you are offering your students a chance to earn. Now, your question could be - what kinds of rewards you can provide to your high school students? You can offer rewards like pizza parties, watching movies, etc. Such types of rewards would motivate your students to work harder on learning and improving their performance.

3. Allow students to work together

Group work is another fantastic way to motivate high school students for better performance. Each student will be of a different personality. Some students may do great when they work alone, while some students may do great when they work together with other students. Some students will find it fun to try to solve problems, work on projects, do experiments, etc. with other students. When they are put together with other students to work on achieving the same goal, they will get excited and motivated as well.

4. Know your students

Every person is different. This is why it is essential for you to know and understand your students. It is not just about remembering their names. Here we are talking about the capabilities and interests of each student. Students need to know that the teacher has an interest in them. Knowing your students a better way can also be a great source of motivation and a great way to improve their performance.

5. Manage student anxiety

The vital thing majority of teachers don’t focus on is managing student anxiety. Some students get demotivated when they don’t do well. This kind of student should not be neglected. As a teacher, you need to explain to such students that there’s nothing wrong with struggling with a subject.


Hence, these are the five best ways you can motivate your high school students to help them boost their performance. Each student is different in some way or another. So the effectiveness of motivation sources will also differ from one student to another.