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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

5 Best Books That Every Teacher Should Read


5 Best Books That Every Teacher Should Read


Books to read

As a teacher, learning should never stop for you. For any teacher, the essential things are classroom management and increasing student engagement. If you are a teacher, you might be having difficulty managing the classroom.

 Even experienced teachers face difficulties when it comes to classroom management and improving students’ behavior. In this post, we have talked about the five best books that every teacher should read. Here’s the list:

1. Why Don’t Students Like School?

“Why Don’t Students Like School?: A Cognitive Scientist Answer Questions About How Mind Works & What It Means For Your Classroom” is the book written by Daniel T. Willingham. As a teacher, one of the most challenging tasks is ensuring that students focus on their studies. Daniel Willingham is a psychologist at the University of Virginia. There is a professor in the Department of psychology. In this book, Daniel has explained how you can teach the required skills to your students and how you can improve your teaching style.

2. I Wish My Teacher Knew

“I Wish My Teacher Knew: How One Question Can Change Everything For Our Kids” is a book by Kyle Schwartz. Kyle is a third-grade teacher in Denver Co. One day the author asked her students to fill in the blank in the sentence ‘I wish my teacher knew______.’ Answers from some students were humorous, while some answers were heart-breaking. With this book, the author wants to explain what educators need to understand.

3. The Hidden Lives of Learners

“The Hidden Lives of Learners” is the book by Graham Nuthall. Professor Emeritus Graham Nuthall is an educational researcher from New Zealand who is credited with one of the longest series of studies of teaching and learning in the classroom that has ever been carried out. In his book, Graham explains three worlds that together shape a student’s learning - the public world of the teacher, the highly influential world of peers, and the student’s own private world.

4. Teaching What Matters Most

“Teaching What Matters Most: Standards & Strategies For Raising Student Achievement” is a book by Richard W. Strong, Harvey F. Silver, and Matthew J. Perini. In this short book, authors have elaborated four standards to prioritize in the classroom - Rigor, Thought, Diversity, and Authenticity. The book explains each standard and also explains how to measure whether each standard works or does not work in the class.

5. What Are People For?

“What Are People For?: Essays” is a book by Wendell Berry. Wendell is a poet, essayist, farmer, and novelist from New Castle, Kentucky. He is the author of more than thirty books of poetry, essays, and novels. This isn’t a teaching book; it is a human book. The book explains what does it mean to be human. As a teacher, this book can also add value to your life.


These are the five best books every teacher should read. Each of these books explains different lessons for teachers and students. Reading these books can change your perspective on teaching and education.

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