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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Ansoff Matrix Video Case Study for IB Business Management


Ansoff Matrix Video Case Study for IB Business Management

Ansoff matrix video case study
Mr Mark owns a medium-sized ‘Connect   Fast’,  mobile handphones retail shop which sells    Sleek brand handphones. Currently, his monthly sales revenue is  around $ 1,500. Mark has two employees who assist him  in product display,   inventory management,  product demonstration,  and billing in the shop.

The demand for handphones is growing very fast. To take the advantage of this fast-growing digital word, many new retails shops are also opening. This may affect    the future sale revenue of Connect Fast mobile retail shop. Mark has met a business consultant to discuss growth strategies.  The business consultant shortlisted the following strategies.

1.     Open a new retail shop, in the busy central business district, to take the advantage of growing digital world.

2.     Introduce  exchange offers, and EMI schemes, for existing customers.

3.     Sign up for the dealership of other popular brands of mobile phones.

4.     Sell mobile phones, and accessories online through popular eCommerce portals like, Click Kart, and Mobile Zone.

5.     Launch own new eCommerce website, along with physical shop ‘Connect Fast’. and,

6.     Sell  other electronics items like tablets, laptops, cameras, etc.

 The exact business strategy depends on further market research and analysis.


Students, in a group, discuss the above-mentioned business strategies using Ansoff Matrix.


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