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Sunday, January 31, 2021

The Cambridge Learner Attributes


The Cambridge Learner Attributes

Cambridge learner attributes

Education has a vital role in everyone’s life. Without proper and adequate education, the person cannot develop the necessary skills required. Many people consider schooling is a  waste of time, but in reality, schools are worth it. Education is something that helps to achieve knowledge, values, and skills.

Depending on the school, learner attributes will vary a bit. In this post, we will talk about the Cambridge learner attributes. Cambridge Assessment International Education the world’s largest provider of international education programs & qualifications for 5 to 19-year-olds.  In this video, we are talking about five  Cambridge learner attributes:

1. Confident

The first and essential Cambridge learner attribute is confidence. This learner attribute says that students are confident in working with information and ideas. The students are confident in their ideas as well as the ideas of others. They are also able to communicate & defend opinions and also respect the opinions of others. Talking about Cambridge teachers, they are very well aware of their subjects and know how to teach. They are also focused on encouraging students to engage in learning actively.

2. Responsible

Responsibility is another essential learner attribute of Cambridge international education. This attribute ensures that students are responsive to and respectful of others. Cambridge students take ownership of their learning and also become collaborative & supportive. The students know that their actions will have an impact on others as well as on the environment. Talking about Cambridge teachers, they understand that their positive actions will help shape future generations.

3. Reflective

Cambridge students understand themselves as learners. They know that quality learning will help them build life skills and help them shape their career. Cambridge students develop the strategies to be life-long learners. Talking about teachers, they also consider themselves as learners. They keep working on building their knowledge and skills. When teachers are concerned about gaining more and more knowledge, it helps students get quality learning.

4. Innovative

Innovativeness is another learner attribute of the Cambridge. The students at Cambridge are equipped for new challenges. They use a creative and innovative approach to solve new and unfamiliar problems. Apart from this, students are also adaptable to different circumstances. Talking about teachers, they are also creative and innovative. They come up with new ideas and experiment with them in their teaching. Teachers are always ready to apply new skills and techniques in teaching. In Cambridge Mathematics, this learner attribute is about solving familiar and unfamiliar problems using a range of mathematical techniques.

5. Engaged

Cambridge learners are engaged intellectually and socially. This learner attributes states that Cambridge learners are always eager to learn new skills and work on new ideas. In Cambridge Mathematics, this attribute includes structure, patterns, and applications of mathematics to real-life situations. Talking about teachers, they are engaged intellectually, socially as well as professionally.

These are the five Cambridge learner attributes. Cambridge Assessment International Education is focused on making students confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged.



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