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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Multi Marketing Case Study for IB Business Management May 2021

 Multi Marketing Case Study for IB Business Management May 2021

Multi Marketing Case Study for IB Business Management May 2021

Business Management Case Study

Multi Marketing (MM) May 2021


 In 2010, Rachel Goldstein, Javed Khan, and Aarvan Anand met at university in London. Each of them had different skills and expertise. Rachel studied graphic design, Javed studied business, and Aarvan studied media & journalism.

 During their studies, they worked together on the university’s student magazine. Javed managed advertisements, finding new advertisers, etc., tasks, Rachel used her graphic design skills, and Aarvan used his talent for journalism to find stories & produce news content.

 In the year 2013, they set up Multi Marketing (MM) as a partnership. Their company was involved in helping businesses reach customers through branding and marketing strategies. In the initial stage of MM, the company advised customers on all issues related to marketing and also helped its customers with marketing strategies. Initially, the customers were businesses located near the university, but later, it had customers throughout the United Kingdom.

 Over time, the company has seen incredible growth. In 2017, Rachel, Javed, and Aarvan converted MM to a private limited company. Each of them had a majority of stake in the company, each owning a quarter of the shares. Rachel was appointed as Managing Director of the company.

 With time, the customer base of MM started to expand. It started getting both national and international customers. Apart from this, it also has charities, non-governmental organizations, and governmental departments as customers.


The company outsources various services including, photography used in marketing materials, production of the film, and human resource management.

 Talking about the customer base, MM has strong ethical objectives. The company accepts only those businesses as its customers that have robust equal opportunities policies. The company also does not work with businesses that subcontract to other businesses that exploit employees in any manner.

 The main focus of MM is on providing the best customer service. MM focuses on responding to its customers more quickly than any others in the industry.

 Later in 2016, the owners decided to open an office in Bengaluru, India. This was partly due to the political events in the country. India was also the country Aarvan was familiar with. Rachel thinks that opening the office in Bengaluru has given her the opportunity for a significant reorganization of the company.

 The Bengaluru branch of MM is successful so far. It has sales, design, and customer care teams serving the whole Asia. The Sales Division is still handled by Aarvan, which is based in London. In this entrepreneurship journey, Rachel, Aarvan, and Javed have faced and are still facing various problems related to HRM, finance, location, etc.

 The company also has various future plans. The owners are planning to take over Satvi Films (SF), which is based in India. Acquiring this film studio will let the company produce its own advertisements for radio, TV, and cinema. This way, the company will not have to outsource the production of advertisements. It will help the company increase the profits.

Credit: This summary is based on IB Business Management case study Multi Marketing(MM) for May 2021 exam session. Published by  the IBO


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