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Friday, April 16, 2021

3 Cs of a Successful Teacher- Clarity, Confidence, and Consistency


3 Cs of a Successful Teacher- Clarity, Confidence, and Consistency

3 Cs of a successful teacher

Teaching is an art. Even if you have a lot of knowledge and you don’t know how to convey your message properly, you can never become a successful teacher. Let me tell you that the most successful teachers in the world have three things in common. And we call them the 3 Cs of a successful teacher. Hi guys! Welcome back to my YouTube channel, and in today’s video, I am going to tell you about the 3 Cs of a successful teacher, so make sure you watch this video till the end. But before we start, make sure you subscribe to this channel, and don’t forget to hit that bell icon, so you never miss any updates. Without further ado, let’s get into this.


When you are teaching, you are not just telling a bunch of students about something. Well, teaching is much more than that. You need to communicate effectively with your students, parents, and other teachers as well as the principal of the institute. Now, let me tell you that clarity is the most important component of effective communication. Whatever you are writing or saying, you need to express it clearly. You need to understand that a clear message generates better and instant results. And it might require the use of simpler words and a suitable tone. So, what are the things you should be clear about? First, you should plan all of your lessons. Figure out how much syllabus should be covered each week. Moreover, you need to organize your classroom so all students getting enough attention. We all know that managing a class can sometimes be a challenging task. However, if you have clarity, patience, awareness, and good timing, you can effectively manage a classroom. You should set clear rules and boundaries for your students. The next step is to be clear about lesson delivery. You should know where the lesson is going. I would highly recommend that you first plan which topics you are going to cover. This step also involves clarity about the outcome of the lessons. You should know what you are expecting students to learn from your lessons. Let me also tell you that a successful teacher is clear about the expectation of students, parents, as well as the school. You need to understand that when classroom expectations are clear, students thrive. On the other hand, murky expectations can make your students feel confused and reluctant to engage. With that being said, we need to move to the next C, which is Confidence.


Great teachers always have strong connections with their students. Think about it, if you are connected to your students, they will try to behave better. And if they don’t behave better, you will be able to easily manage their behavior. On the other hand, if you are not connected to your students, they will not want to learn from you. And this is one of the several benefits of developing a connection with your students. So, how do you build a better connection with your students? Well, you will have to be confident. Think about it, greater self-confidence gives you positive energy and you are able to take action. You are highly motivated as well as energized. And if you are a teacher, you already know that being highly energized is essential to teach effectively, right? Here, the most important thing is to stay confident about delivering lessons and the content. You need to understand that your beliefs in your teaching capabilities could impact how you perceive, approach, and teach your students. This is the reason why you need to be confident about subject content and language.


Lastly, you need to be consistent. Although this is the most obvious, I think it is also the most difficult of these three Cs. Well, we all have to admit that being consistent is one of the most challenging tasks on this planet. You need to be deliberate with factors such as how much time you spend building connections with all students, and the tone of your voice to each student. You will have to make sure that all aspects of your behavior are consistent. It will make your students feel that you care equally about all of them. Here, it is worth mentioning that you should always avoid favoritism. Always keep in mind that children easily notice and judge based on that. In simple words, follow your regular routines and be “predictable” in your emotional responses.


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