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IB Business Management  Terms of Use page

Welcome, and thank you for using services  from IB Business Management  You consent to our terms of service when you use our goods and services, so please take a few minutes to read the following User Agreement. Please notice that you are entering into a legally binding arrangement by using our service. 

1. Scope and Purpose 

With IB Business Management, you are entering into a legally binding arrangement. Do NOT click 'Sign Up' if you do not agree to this Agreement, and do not access, view, download, or otherwise use any IB Business Management website, material, information, or services. You accept that the terms and conditions were read and understood by you.

2. The Invoice 

All payment types, currencies, or locations for payment do not endorse IB Business Management. Failure to pay can result in your subscription being terminated. Based on the billing details you send us at the time of payment, all applicable taxes are determined. For lack of use or disappointment, we do not guarantee refunds. 

2.1 Confidentiality 

Before using IB Business Management, you should carefully read our full Privacy Policy, as it is hereby incorporated by reference into this Agreement, which regulates our handling of any information you send to us, including personally identifiable information. You agree that under the terms of the Privacy Policy, your submission of any information, claims, data, and content to us is voluntary on your part and that IB Business Management may process such information.

3. Content, Pages, and Developers of Third Party 

Links to third-party websites ('Third Party Sites') can be included in Edu Ignites on our Services. You are responsible for deciding whether you want to use a third-party site or platform program. IB Business Management also allows third-party developers to build apps ('platform applications'). You accept that your use of any Platform Program is as is without any assurance as to the actions of the Platform Creator. 

3.1 User Knowledge Disclosure. If required to do so by law or in good faith, we can view, retain, and disclose your registration and any other information you provide under the terms of the Privacy Policy.

3.2 Colleges and other users' experiences 

At IB Business Management, you are solely responsible for your interactions. IB Business Management can limit the number of colleges you may wish to hire, preclude you from contacting other users or colleges through the use of the Services under certain situations, or otherwise restrict your use of the Services. IB Business Management reserves the right, but has no duty, to track conflicts between you and other members and to limit, suspend or close your account if, in our sole discretion, IB Business Management decides that it is appropriate to do so to implement this Agreement.

4. Disclaimer

All warranties are withheld by IB Business Management and its suppliers. The transmission of messages sent via the platform is not the responsibility of IB Business Management. The use of services shall not INFRINGE third party RIGHTS. IB Business Management does not guarantee the services it provides will function properly. You may not be covered by the content of this section. Do not rely on any of the details supplied here. You can close your IB Business Management account and terminate this agreement if you are Unhappy. IB Business Management shall NOT be held liable for any damage resulting from the use of its services or the content of our website. Use of our services may be subject to third-party suppliers' rights. We are not responsible for IDENTITY THEFT or any other misuse of your ID.

5. Limitation of Responsibility 

The limitation of liability is part of the basis of the bargaining agreement between the parties and the terms and prices charged would differ without it. Neither IB Business Management nor any of our subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, staff, shareholders, or directors shall be liable cumulatively for any damages over five times the most recent monthly fee paid for a Premium Service.

6. Mutual Termination Rights 

With notice to Edu Ignites, you may terminate this Agreement, for any or no reason at any time. This notice will be effective upon your notice being processed by IB Business Management. IB Business Management may, with or without notice, terminate your account for any reason.

6.1 Abuse of services 

IB Business Management can limit, suspend, or terminate any Member's account for any abuse or misuse of the Services. Misuse of the Services includes the misuse of the IB Business Management messaging services; the creation of multiple or false profiles; the commercial use of the Services without the authorization of IB Business Management; the infringement of any intellectual property rights; the infringement of any of the Do's and Don'ts referred to in Section 10; or any other conduct which in its sole discretion, IB Business Management considers contrary to its intent. IB Business Management has also introduced a policy of terminating accounts of members who at the sole discretion of IB Business Management, are considered to be repeat infringers under the United States Copyright Act, without restricting the above. 

6.2 Effect of discontinuation 

You will lose access to the Services upon the termination of your IB Business Management Account. Any termination of the terms of this Agreement shall survive, except for Section 3 ('Your Rights') and Sections 4.1., 4.2., and 4.3. ("Our Rights and Duties").

7. Language 

Where IB Business Management has provided you with a translation of the English language version of this Agreement, the Privacy Policy, or any other documents, you accept that the translation is provided for your convenience only and that Versions of this Agreement in the English language, the Privacy Policy, and all other documents, including additional Premium Package Terms of Service, will govern your relationship with IB Business Management. 

7.1 Entire Agreement 

You accept that this Agreement constitutes the whole, full, and exclusive Service Agreement between you and IB Business Management and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings relating to the subject matter of this Agreement, whether written or oral, or whether formed by custom, practice, policy, or precedent. Additional terms and conditions that may apply when you use or buy any other IB Business Management programs, third-party content or applications from third parties may also apply to you.

7.2 Amendments to this Agreement 

We reserve the right, effective prospectively upon posting at www.IB Business or otherwise notifying you, to alter, supplement, or replace the terms of this Agreement. For example, when we have changed this Agreement or the Privacy Policy, we can display a banner on the Services so that you can access and review the modifications before your continued use of the Services. If you do not wish to consent to any amendments to this Agreement, you may terminate this Agreement in compliance with Section 7 (Cancellation) at any time.

7.3 How to Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about this Service Terms, please contact us via:

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